Decoletaje Rayju, S.L. company was founded in 1994. Dedicated to produce machining components The company owns a plant in Fuenlabrada (Decoletaje Rayju, S.L.) and another plant in Guadalajara (Herra-cor, S.A.). Both plants have a computerized network divided into different areas. In every area has a team with a high readiness degree, integrated into the quality and customer service philosophy.

The activity carried out by our company has positioned us in a leading privileged position within the precision-turning sector.

Decoletaje Rayju, Fuenlabrada 28947, Madrid.

Oficinas: C/Toreno, 25

Taller: C/Bañeza, 46

Telf: (+34) 91 642 16 80

Fax: (+34) 91 642 16 53

iso 9001 rayju

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